Mavic 2 Pro - dual controllers using Litchi on smart controller?

As I tend to fly solo, I’m interested in the possibility of using Litchi on my smart controller (or alternatively on my phone with Mavic 2 controller) to fly set way points and then I can concentrate on filming and photography on a second controller.

Am I asking a bit too much out of my M2P? Can I do anything approaching this?


Some of the earlier drones could have two controllers connected … but I’d have thought that both need to be a main Mavic 2 controller. No idea if one would work with the Smart Controller. Know of only one person that used two MP2 controllers … briefly.

But why would you need a 2nd controller to use Litchi, in any case?

Once a mission is set up via waypoints and being flown, you can still point the camera and take pics/video as it flies … using the same controller.

Indeed, you can even run it in “zip-wire” mode, where you control speed along the route, stop at locations you want to, point, shoot, and then carry on … or even fly it in reverse.

Used zip-wire mode quite a few times for filming steam trains. The route (and tree avoidance) can be set up in advance … and then you are free to “zip” along the line at whatever speed the train happens to travel, change speed, angles, etc .


Of course, that makes absolute sense. Once Litchi is handling the flying end of things, I’m free to manage the camera. I’ve a tendency to over think things!