Mavic 2 Pro dynamic home point

So the M2P and SC arrived today. Just spent the last few hours going through the updates and setting up.

Just an initial observation, the dynamic home point function seems to have disappeared, unless I’m missing something.

Does it automatically set the home point on take off or something?

I’ve done a quick search on here but nothing coming up.

All DJI drones automatically set home point on take-off. :+1:

From memory I thought my MPP I thought you had to select the dynamic function with the slider?

You do, if you want dynamic home point, but as they take off they all set the initial HP.


As long as they have a good GPS fix, worth mentioning

Indeed … Good point!

In which case it gets set somewhere in the air. :wink:

It’s happened to me in a hurry for a pic. HP was 90ft above me!

You have the option of setting the home point of the aircraft as take off point or setting it as the controller (dynamic)
This is accessed from the settings menu in your phone/tablet screen when it is connected to the aircraft via the controller.