Mavic 2 Pro - Floppy Rear Arm

The rear arm has partly popped out / dislocated when putting memory card back in. Has anyone experienced this issue before and been able to repair it easily?
Thanks in advance

It’s not an easy fix, and from recollection (M1P is built almost identically) requires quite a strip-down.

Do a YT search for “replacing rear arm of M2P” and you should find plenty of vids of people doing it to get an idea of exactly what it entails.

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As Dave said above.

It’s a replacement job. I had it on my 2Pro.
I’ll find you the video that I followed, pretty easy to do but does require the removal of the top cover, the nose and soldiering 6 wires if my memory serves me correctly, 3 for the motor and 3 for the LED’s.

The case and nose I think was a dozen screws and the hardest part is actually popping the top off. Feels like your going to snap it. It’s stronger than you think.

Make sure you have and use the correct driver bits, rounding them off is a pain in the back side :grimacing::person_facepalming:t4:

Here you go…

Seeing your post on FB….

Honestly, it’s really not that bad, you will be surprised on how little there is inside our drones. The wires are very visible and pretty much self explanatory once your inside. :+1:

What’s your location? This may help find a guy that can help. :smiley:

When I repaired mine I bought this set for the correct size torx screws.

ScrewFix, £7.99


It wouldn’t load as a link….:man_shrugging:

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Pembrokeshire, so out if the way of most repairers

Thank you all for your help in the thread and FB. , I will have a go and ask FIL for help on soldering as he is quite handy

There’s a vid I posted on here ages ago that might be useful …

Funnily enough I borrowed the soldiering iron from my FIL too :joy: they have their uses :+1:

This and your recent atti speed runs sounds like some good training for when you decide to go fpv route Steve :wink: