Mavic 2 Pro full setup for sale [SOLD]

DJI Mavic Pro 2, remote controller, battery, charger and cables.

8 months old.

3 additional original DJI batteries

Additional battery charger to charge 3 batteries and remote controller simultaneously

LiftThor tablet holder for up to 10” tablets.

10” sunscreen

Pgytech landing pad.

Full set of Skyreat ND filters. Nd4, 8, 16, 32 and 64

Spare propellors

64 gb scandisk Extreme Pro V30 SD card

Carrying case to hold all the above, except LiftThor.

All equipment extremely well looked after and is in as new condition.

Based in Warrington Cheshire

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Mind if i ask why you are selling?? I would have snapped this up,if i had not already got one.great price and sure you will sell very quickly,:+1::+1:

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Had enough of all the stigma of trying to fly it. All the places I would normally go, although within the code, you can guarantee you would get questioned and hassled. Just not enjoying it anymore.

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Hi Andy,i have had similar experience,but after nearly 3 months decided to get back on the horse,as it were,you can fly from areas where you will not be seen,and, to be honest,this is exactly what happened to me.Andy,if i were you,i would ask yourself these questions. 1 do you enjoy flying? 2 are you doing anything “illegal” if answer to these is no (which i’m sure it is ) Don’t let the morons get you down !! Ive been there and nearly sold all my gear,but ,why let the morons win…Personally i would say,don’t sell ,give yourself a bit of time, and try again…At the end of the day,you enjoy your hobby,so don’t let anyone take that away from you.I am sure someone here on GADC would be more then happy to go fly with you,and get your confidence back :+1:Final word,don’t let the ill uninformed morons win.Go fly,and enjoy,and i speak from experience :+1::+1::wink::wink:


Very good deal.


Its a great deal,but real’y hope he will reconsider ,as he enjoys flying,as we all do.Heres hoping someone here,on GADC who lives anywhere near Andy,can go and help give a bit of moral support. and go for a flight or two with him, as I know first hand,how demoralizing some misinformed plebs can be,and yes,its not nice.:rage::rage:


Cheers for the nice words Firefox.
Problem is, Ive been feeling like this for sometime now, and tried just what you suggested, but it just hasnt worked.
Still for sale :slight_smile:

I have had many encounters of all sorts from Joe Public, some bad, most good, and several members on here have been with me when these encounters have happened.
But, I be Fuxxed if someone else is going to spoil something that I love to do !.
Nowadays, I do not let much rattle me, they take me or leave me !.
If they do not like what I am doing, tough!.
In my eyes, I have the option ALL the time, when my drone is flying , what can they do?, shit all !.
I do not fly recklessly, and fly within the constraints of what I think is good for me.
I have found that by having different pieces of documentation on me has put me in the driving seat, not the person in front of me, they more often or not do not know the drone laws, and will not challenge an official document.
PLEASE, PLEASE, as others have said, do not let someone else spoil YOUR enjoyment.
Go out there, hold your head up, and get back to enjoying this wonderful Hobby.


Like the man said,ditto and i speak from experience as i’m sure does Chris !!!:+1::+1::+1:

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Hi @Andy_B I’m over in Stockport I go over to Anglesey flying quite often your welcome to tag along when I go, don’t give up, thought the same at one point in time now sold my Pro and got me a Zoom and done my PfCO just waiting for CAA


Hi all.
Thanks for all the positive words, appreciate them.
I have been feeling like this for a while, not just the people problem, but same old places to visit.
I have been to a few great places over the last 3 or 4 years, but jsut don’t seem to get there anymore or jsut wouldn’t feel comfortable on my own.
I am a member of a couple of Facebook groups and they do meet up, but always seems to be the same open field…

Anyway, I haven’t sold t yet, but today ebay are running a £1 max final sale charge so I put it up on there…
But, I have been thinking about it a lot, will I miss it in the future etc, and I will lose a lot of money by selling…
So, I have decided to keep it :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the moral boost.


That would be great, I’ve not been to Anglesey, so yes, would be keen to do that

Keep on truckin’ Andy !!


@Andy_B Congrats,Andy great decision I knew for sure you would miss it:wink::wink:Now all you need to do is get out flying,and as @chrisjohnbaker said bugger what the plebs think!:laughing::laughing: Funny enough ,when i was thinking of putting mine up for sale on here,one of my thoughts was i was going to miss it,and the money i would lose,especially as i was worried i would go out and buy another!!:rofl::rofl: Funnily enough with the wet weather today i had to cancel my planned flying today,and made a silly decision to go out and buy a tello from my local argos,and a few spare batteries :+1::rofl::rofl: that quickly became more expensive as i then bought a multi charger for the tello batteries and a blue-tooth controller .Absolutely blown away at how much fun this little drone is… :+1::+1::rofl::rofl:It now gives me my flying fix,even if the weather is crap.:wink::rofl::rofl::+1:Once again Andy,i think you have DEFO made the right decision.HAPPY FLYING MY FRIEND:+1::+1::+1: