Mavic 2 Pro, smart controller, batteries, filters, hard cases ... bundle for sale

2019 Mavic 2 Pro with smart controller bundle with about 40 hours of flight time in the 4 and a bit years I’ve owned it, all in very good condition. The whole bundle contains:

  • Mavic 2 pro drone
  • 2019 smart controller
  • 4 batteries
  • wall and car charger cables with 4-bay charge hub
  • Polar Pro filters and polarisers
  • padded hard carrier cases for the controller, 3 batteries (4th transported in the drone) and the drone itself
  • 3.5 pairs of additional props (I’ve only dinged 1 blade - the other three in that set are good)
  • 128GB SD cards in both the controller and the drone
  • USB cable for the controller to charge from the charge bay or power bank
  • 26000mAh power bank with fast charging
  • Landing gear extensions fitted
  • Prop straps (for stowing)

The firmware is all up to date, and all the batteries have been flight-tested for 10-15 minutes in my garden all with at least 50% left.

Asking price: £750
Includes recorded royal mail shipping in the UK

I am flexible on price if you’re flexible on travelling to somewhere within 25 miles of KT13 (outside of London). Happy to let you fly before you buy if we meet, if you break it you bought it, if you lose it, you also bought it :slight_smile:

If you’re wondering if I’ll sell the bits individually, sure, any one piece you like, full price, get the rest for free. :slight_smile:

If we meet and demo things, I’ll factory reset the controller before you leave, if I post it, I’ll factory reset the controller before I ship it.

Let’s chat!


If this changes in the future, could I get first refusal on the Smart Controller please @nigeljohnson73 :slight_smile:

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