Mavic 2 Pro unbinding

I’m having a mental block here guys or I’m just thick lol, so please help me out.
I’m selling my Mavic 2 Pro so I’ve been trying to find out how to unbind it from my DJI account (are M2P’s even bound?). When I sold my Mini 2 recently I was able to do it through the DJI Fly app, but I can’t find this option anywhere in the GO4 app.

Anyone help or has even done this? Thanks in advance! :pray:

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I think it’s the same process for most DJI drones, John.

On the controller …

  1. Go to Profile
  2. Select Device Management
  3. Select the M2P
  4. Select “Remove Device from Account”
  5. Next
  6. Confirm
  7. Done
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Is this even a thing on the previous gen-drones?

I thought the account binding only related to Care Refresh :thinking:

That’s what I was thinking.

When you say ‘in the controller’ Chris, do you mean in the app? As the GO4 app doesn’t have a profile option as far as I can see.

Apologies, yes. Trying to multitask and failing miserably :man_facepalming:

If so, I stand corrected.

@Drumsagard - I will get mine out of my sniper case and fire her up and check :wink:

No care refresh has nothing to do with it, DJI Force it on all Fly app drones,they must be registered to an account or you can’t fly very far :scream:

Thanks Chris :+1:

Sorry Wayne, I’m talking about the previous gen drones, using GO4.


The Mavic 2 Pro doesn’t use the Fly app, it’s only on the old GO4 app.

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I’ve just started her up. But is now syncing my flight data … 83% … 84% :zzz:

One moment caller :saluting_face:


I cannot find anything in the Go4 app that even mentions Device Management. It does show my DJI account details, as it needs that to sync. So the process that I posted above is not applicable to Go4, only the Fly app.

TL;DR … I don’t think you need to do anything like unbinding on the M2P/Go4 … apart from remove SD card, clearing any internal storage (if applicable).


Thanks Chris, it’s what I’ve started doing, but good to hear someone else confirm it though :+1: :grinning:

No probs. You’ve now prompted me to update the firmware and charge the batteries :wink::+1:

John @Drumsagard -

With the Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom you need to reset it using DJI Assistant 2. Once in Assistant 2 - select the Mavic 2 and then select Firmware Update. You should then see the Factory Reset option - select and then select confirm. After all is done select Complete. This method removes all your data and links with the drone.
If you do not do Factory Reset then all the flight times etc that the new owner puts on the drone will be added to your DJI account as it will still be linked to your account- it won’t stop them from using it though. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that DJI won’t introduce some kind of restriction that could cause problems to the new owner at some later date :man_shrugging:

Personally - I’d/will reset my M2Z when I sell it - just for peace of mind :+1: :+1: :+1:

Cheers John :+1:

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Hi John @Jhdee I don’t know if it’s just me being thick again or what but I can’t seem to find a factory reset option. Any thoughts?

This is what I see in DJI Assistant.

Hi John @Jhdee sorry, just ignore my last post. I tried an earlier version of Assistant 2 and it has the Restore Factory Defaults button, it seems to have been removed from the later version for the Mavic.

For reference - which version still had the reset?

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I initially downloaded DJI Assistant 2 (version 1.2.5) then noticed there is a version specifically for Mavics but is version 2.0.14 but it hasn’t got the Restore Factory Defaults button that is on the earlier one. I also noticed on the DJI forum folk asking why it had been removed, but typical DJI, their answer made no sense.