Mavic 2 Pro - Video Quality?

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New to this website and wanted to find some help…

I have had the Mavic 2 Pro for a week now and I’m really struggling get the amazing quality 4k footage that everyone is going on about…what am I doing wrong?

I’ve tried many youtube’s “best settings” but its not working…I use to own a Mavic Air and so far I think the Mavic Air has better quality footage. Now I know this is wrong…so I’m after your “best Settings” recommendation? because as of now…my GoPro hero 7 black creates MUCH clearer/sharper a crisper footage over my Mavic 2 pro. All the trees etc seem too mushy and it looks more like 1080p footage rather than 4k.

Please help!


Hi Again

For example…I cant get it anywhere near a clear and sharp as this guy’s footage…and he wasn’t even in H.265

Hi - are you ensuring that the drone is focussing correctly? The MA was a fixed focus whereas the M2P needs to be focussed.

Hi there,

I know…I think this is where I am going wrong as I’m too use to the MA being fixed.

I have tried focusing the best I can…in your opinion…what is the best way to focus? as I know there are a few options?

Thanks for your time Lee!


What frame rate are you shooting at and what’s your shutter speed, have you got an ND filter.

Shooting at 4k 24fps in Full FOV mode…

I am in the UK though so maybe I should be shooting in PAL? ( 25fps) but I didn’t think that would change the overall quality.

aperture of 2.8 and the shutter to suit the brightness of the day as I don’t yet have an ND filter


Don’t worry too much about that for now to get the sharpness. I’d knock your aperture up to 4 and leave it there. Get in the air and tap focus on something a good distance away, then set it to manual focus and leave it. You should see the focus bar is just under the second line down from the top. This is pretty close to an infinity focus and should be fine on all your future flights. If you change aperture for any reason then you may need to re-focus.

The FOV mode will be a little softer around the edges, but you should still be getting good results.

Now, this all changes again if you go full-on H.265 as you’ll introduce some barrel distortion that you’ll need software to correct. I’d stick at H.264 for now until you’re happy that your images are sharp enough and that your focus is right each time.

I had crappy footage for weeks after changing from the MA to the M2P- it happens!

Finally, give this a watch…

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Are you downloading from the onboard SD card? That’s where the good stuff is.

I take the SD card out and put it onto my laptop…wouldn’t that be the best way?


Thanks Lee

I will give this advice a go…( when its stops raining!) I’m also in the north west near Preston !


Yes but I’m not sure if the prog on your laptop is rendering it back to 1080 to handle the large data.

Hmm good point…To vie it at the moment I’m just double clicking on the file to watch it using QuickTime?

If you power up the MP and connect phone or tablet to the controller you can open up the DJI app to see video, in the very top left corner you will see an arrow, click on it and it’ll give a series of options, one is to download direct from SD to tablet etc. This will download the 4K footage.

Quick time isn’t good at 4K I find.

Thanks Brian

I would’ve thought downloading it to your mobile device/ipad it wouldn’t be the full quality file?

Will try your theory! What do you use instead of quicktime once the footage is on your laptop?


If you look at my screen grab you will see identical shots except that one will say original across the top…that is the 4K version, the other is the lower resolution version, guess which one I save or use!!

I forget which one I use, I’m sat in my car at the moment, in the rain, so can’t answer that one straight away. It’s probably adobe or light room. Tho I have several others which I sometimes use.

Hi @Shaun2019 and welcome to Grey Arrows from a sunny sodding wet Wigan :smiley:

Shaun, if you could upload one of your example videos to (or Youtube) and share a link, we’d be able to see what’s going on and might have some more insight to offer :+1:t2:

Commercial filmmakers, in the Colorado light ;o)


his guy is very good i often lern a lot from him. Hope this helps.