Mavic 2 RTH, where’s the little checkbox on takeoff?

On my Mavic Pro (which I don’t have anymore), there used to be a little checkbox on the takeoff dialog which used to make the craft take a picture of the takeoff area and land in exactly the same place again.
RTH, now updated on the Mavic 2 doesn’t seem to have this checkbox. Does anyone know if it takes a picture as it doesn’t seem to go vertically up to 10m on takeoff like the Mavic Pro used to on takeoff!

The tick box you are referring to is Precision Return To Home. When the MP2 was released it didn’t have this option. After a bit of an outcry, Dji said they would add it on a firmware update.
I have been told that the precision RTH has been added on the very latest update. I haven’t yet flown mine because of the weather, but I have heard from others that it is working. I’m not sure if you will have the option of the tick box, or it will just RTH exactly where it took off from when asked.

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Ok, just an update. Weather cleared for 30 mins over here and I took the bird out and can confirm that RTH is back baby!
It doesn’t have a precision switch like the Mavic Pro but I’m guessing that it takes the pic anyway and it corrects to land in the same place as the Mavic Pro did before it.
Nice to see this feature working again and with the same accuracy as the MP.