Mavic 3 4G Dongle Dilemma

As I thought there would be, I’m having a problem getting the 4G dongle to be enabled via the DJI Fly app, it is known to work in China, Russia & Australia, but hardly any testing has been done over here in UK/EU.
When enabled, DJI Fly app is supposed to show an extra Enhanced Transmission Tab to show the 4G selection off or on, but this is missing when I load up the app, have tried it via the RC Pro & RC-1 with different versions of app just incase, was told by the guy who enabled by RC Pro to have FCC mod that a VPN may be what is needed to trick DJI Fly into thinking I am over in one of the working regions, but I have no experience of using VPN, the ones I did a quick search on via android S9 setup to test with RC-1 all needed paying upfront, so didn’t want to do this incase there are other blocks in play, any suggestions ?

FFS when you get it working don’t press RTH


That would be so end of the line, Going Home in Chinese to see it wizz off in Sports Mode heading East never to be seen again !!!


i use atlasvpn and got a week free, it is available on the app store on the RC Pro too, hope this helps

If you struggle on the RC Pro find it on any android device and ask for a free trial, then down load it via the app store we use for the RC Pro and sign in once installed
APKPURE is what I use

Don’t think a VPN is going to help here, as soon as the drone gets a GPS fix its gonna know it’s out of region.


Did consider that but trying all options at the moment

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Any recent updates on this topic?