Mavic 3 FCC Mode

Hi everyone. I am currently flying a Mavic 3 and I’m based in the UK so CE has a fair hit on the range etc. Is there any difference in the drone hacks or drone tweaks FCC mod?

I think when browsing a few other threads I seen there may be discount codes for site users ?

Any help welcomed, cheers

Welcome to GADC Tony @Saucypiece

One modifies your firmware, one is a modified app.

If you only want FCC then Drone Tweaks is the easiest route, works on any firmware version.

Have a few searches on the forum here, there are plenty of discussions about both, or add to this one if you have any specifics that need an answer.

We have discount schemes in place with both DH and DT (and countless other industry partners). The GADC discounts are available to Full Members, more info here:


Also what controller do you have, my RC-1 uses the hacked version of DJI Fly via drone-tweaks but my RC-Pro was root modded remotely via a guy in China, so a lot quicker for me to use that, certainly makes a difference to flying it compared to CE, I’m also in UK.

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For my Mini2 I went with Drone-Hacks for the FCC hack. To activate it out in the field I just need to perform a particular button press. This way I can choose if I need to activate FCC mode. To date I’ve only needed it once.

For the DJI FPV Drone I use B3Yond, a free application specific to this drone. I’ve yet to find a situation where I need to switch modes as on CE standard power levels I’ve found I can still out distance the capabilities of the batteries.

I modified my Spark by modifying the firmware. This drone is permanently in FCC mode which it needs to be being a WiFi connected drone. I’ve done the same with my Anafi’s as again they are WiFi connected drones, being very susceptible to in-band interference.

My experience with the Ocusync systems, as used on the Mini2, FPV, and Mavic3, drones has proven to be be very robust and as such I don’t really need any greater power outputs for my flying situations.

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