Mavic 3 Flight Time purchasing 2nd hand

Hi have just bought a Mavic 3 Fly More bundle second hand from Cash Converters, it is mint, I have updated etc and bound it to my account.
It says it has only done 39 mins and 4.75km, is that all it will have done or can it be doctored in any way?
My Mini 3 has only done the same and has been activated around the same time 180 days.
Cheers Mark

Hi as far as I’m aware you can’t doctor , unless someone says different I’d apologise a couple of drones I’ve had even the replacement I have now was activated 2 years ago and within the fly app it tells you what you probably already know , you can delete the flight records but you cannot delete the activation as far as I’m aware , mine had less than an hour on it when I brought it ,
The serial number / date or days activated hours usage mileage etc :+1:t2:
Edit sorry even if you log it into a different account it will still show as above .

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Cheers i thought that too, i also think the condition shows how little use it’s had

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Everything can be hacked :smirk:

I doubt anyone who sells to cash generators could or would even know how to :wink:


I knew that was coming :smiley:

Have you checked the battery’s cycles ? Which I’d of thought be a good indicator ?

@Sparkyws battery’s ……

Will do once they are charged, do you do that in the Fly App?
All 3 were flat

Yes within the fly app is what I always do unless someone says different :+1:t2:

17 for all 3

17 on each one ?

Yes, but my Mini 3 Pro batteries have all had 22 charge cycles but I’ve only flown it 3 or 4 times, ive charged them hoping to get out but one thing or another prevented it

Hmmm ok

Firstly I was going to say hopefully they may have been charged every so often to keep them healthy

Secondly that’s a lot of charges for a drone that’s only done

And lastly which is just a maybe , is the flymore kit from a previous owner and they’ve put the 2 together :man_shrugging:t2: but maybe the drone is as you mentioned above ,

Keep one battery for your constant charging and lovingly maintain the rest :slight_smile:

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According to the binding info it also still under refresh, think that’s what it said, not too bothered only paid £1400 including delivery with 12 months warranty

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I have to admit I’m the worst for charging my batteries and then not going out that said which I’m sure the cycle count is quite accurate within the fly app , I’m still learning or trying so to speak so if I am wrong on any of the above I can only apologise , if alls good and it is what you say it is and at a bargain enjoy it :+1:t2:

The other thing was the firmware was 3 updates out of date, will give her a fly once this blumming rain stops, thanks for your help mate, well appreciated

Maybe it has been sat around for a while or the previous owner didn’t want to update it , as said I don’t know much but if I don’t try on the little bit of knowledge I have then what’s the point , I’ll learn nothing and as I always say there’s many more members on here way more advanced than myself !
Hope it all goes well :+1:t2: