Mavic 3 rc pro /std controller yawing issues

Hi having just flown for the first time i noticed that when yawing the drone in either direction when i let gothe stick it keeps going round say about 30 deg befor it stops .So lets say i start to yaw at 7 oclock let go the sticks at 9 oclock it keep going to 11 o clock .Now it also does this with both controllers the rc pro and the standard one .I have the latest firmware i i have tried altering the settings but all that seems to happen is it increases or decreases the speed at which it will yaw i cant seem to get the yawing to stop when letting go of the sticks any advice ?.
Thanks .

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Check the Yaw setting, especially the smoothness

at 2.50 in the video below


Thanks .

Have done a stick calibration?

Possibly calibrate the IMU. Or you can run the DJI assistant on your pc and run a diagnostics. There’s also calibration available with it.