Mavic 3 unable to fly in to class D airspace after unlock

Hi There,

After applying for and being accepted for an Unlock GEO Zone code and uploaded it via the controller to the aircraft which reported it was successful i flew to the edge of the D zone. The problem occurred when i tried via the control sticks and RTH to bring it home it simply did not respond, however it would fly into the D Zone where i had to land with a critical low battery. Fortunately no damage to the aircraft but it gave me a few uncomfortable moments.
Any clues as to why this happened or has any body else experienced the same. All the firmware is up to date.
Cheers Phil

Unusual, D class is usually much higher than we fly.

Any Airdata to share ?

Precise location would be needed for advice to be possible.

As Chris said - uploading to logs to Airdata and posting the link would be useful - and provide location, etc.

I had something similar flying near the O2 arena. Confused me completely until I realised I’d overlooked an altitude restriction.

I knew that I was restricted by London City approach path to 30m (I think) but was OK up to 60m within about 50m to south and south west. Anyway, RTH was set to 50m (silly me, higher than it needed to be for my planned flying). During RTH, the drone stopped and I could not get it to come closer which I couldn’t understand in the heat of the moment. Eventually, I got it down on the riverside paving south of me with 1% left.

Thereafter, I realised that, returning at 50m, the drone ‘hit’ the 30m restriction and stopped without actually entering, so no on-screen warning. Had I just taken over, reduced to sub-30m, I could have flown ‘home’.

Stupid boy (well OK, old man then)

Is this possibly a similar scenario?

HI Nigel,

Thanks form your response. In my case i had asked DJI when applying for the unlock licence for 120m which was granted. I am wondering whether it is a bug in the firmware as when drawing out the unlock zone area it did not include the home point in Fact it was about 200 metres away. So i had no problem in flying into the unlocked D cat Zone but it would not come back into the uncontrolled area ie including the home point. Hitting the RTH button got the response on the RC return to home where the aircraft did try went forward maybe 2 feet then stalled and immediately reversed 2 feet. It makes me wonder when creating / drawing the zone to be unlocked you need to include the home point as perhaps if you don’t the fact that there is a border there confuses the aircraft. My home point position is (These 3 words) “crawing.hiding.adjuster” and the unlock zone started at “hindered.alongside.flipper”
I managed to land safely in the unlocked zone with 2%

Looking at the area you were flying in there was no need to apply for unlocking privileges. As you say the issue was probably due to trying to fly out of the area you had designated.

Class D airspace has no restrictions other than the 400ft altitude limit, and those pertinent to local bylaws. I only ever fly in class D airspace. My flying club is also in class d airspace where we are allowed to fly fixed wing models up to 1000ft altitude.

Yes i suspect the same but have let DJI know as this surely should be corrected in firmware

Don’t be holding your breath ;o)

Interesting. I’ve looked into the area and I can see nothing that should have restricted your drone, having got the unlocking completed. There are no approach zones and no danger/restricted areas etc. You had unlocked the airspace covered by class D Manchester CTR (DJI Geo Zone) (surface to 3500 ft amsl) and the Manchester CTA in that area is only covers 3000-3500 ft AMSL, so not affecting drone altitudes (400ft height would only be about 1200 ft amsl).

Strange, but glad you got your drone back safely.