MAVIC Air 2 and Fly app - Radar malfunction

I had a Phantom 4 with no issues regarding the radar on the app. However, now I have a Mavic Air 2, the radar is all over the place. It sometimes states that the drone is behind me or at the 3 o’clock positions and every other position except the for the correct one. I have checked the calibration on my phone (Samsung a20) and also calibrated the compass many times in an open space.

Anyone had this and solved the problem?

Specific to the Air2 and the Fly app - pretty sure not.

The Go4 app and other drones - there are a couple of threads that may relate or shed light.

Attitude Indicator points wrong way on iPad

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I’ve noticed that it can be hit and miss (on the mini), what it considers to be straight in front of me is sometimes way off (although it always seems to have orientation correct)

I put it down to the Wi-Fi connection, not sure you should have the same issue with Occusync on the MA2.

I very often get the same problem with my mavic mini , more so when using my Samsung s10 5g phone , the iPad mini 5 is better and more reliable, Ive found with a longer cable if I turn the phone around it it sometimes better for some reason , I know it’s no help but just thought you might like to know it’s not just you