Mavic air 2 arrival

So my mavic air 2 arrives tomorrow am I going to be impressed? :thinking:

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That depends. What will you be comparing it to Stephen? It is a superb drone packed full of features for the money. I suspect you will be more than pleased with your purchase. I know I am👍🏻

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I’m very happy with mine, I take it everywhere if the weather looks like it will be good enough to fly :joy: just don’t get carried away with sports mode on your first few flights unless you know it’s in a nice open area, it surprised me on my first try.

No. Send it to me pls. :innocent:

So I got my mavic air 2 and I’m happy just a bit dubious about how it sits on props when folded I know the mini had problems when they was squashed

Mine seems to be OK after sitting on the props, but I’ve got a silicon prop protector on it so that’s probably keeping them off the bottom of the case.
Put a strobe on it, I lost sight of mine the other day in this murky weather and it was only about 200 yards away (grey’s probably not the best colour to have a drone in an English winter).

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Mini 1 had issues because the props were a lot thinner and the case design (combo) wasn’t the best

So bought my mavic air 2 and I have hit my first problem the lead from my controller does not fit my iPhone with life proof case on any ideas welcome

I’m trying to work out if this is a windup or not :thinking:

Get a longer cable?

Take the case off the phone?

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Like take it off for drone put on for work maybe a USB port would have been nice for convenience

Sorry thought I would ask

It’s great I don’t need a clamp for my controller to hold the case that’s right I need to take it off

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Does anybody know if there is a lightning cable out there to fit my purpose pls no wind up lmao :joy:

Buy a SmartController, you won’t need your phone at all, and…if you leave the phone at home, nobody can disturb your flying, clever or what?

Not a bad idea I think my wife would cut a body part off if I bought one

Do you think this would work

I just bought a Ipad mini 5, and mount for it. No problem getting the cable to fit :wink:


It’s a ball ache it’s fully Inclosed only asked if there was a lead with normal end flash connection I have a iPhone 11 Pro phone with life proof case with my air I simply just plugged usb in and off I went I thought this was a drone forum maybe you could help lol

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Hey @Goddardn01 Stephen All you need is a USB-C to Lightning cable. I would avoid using adapters as its an extra potential connection fail point. I’m not an Apple man but I’m pretty sure an iPhone 11 pro comes with a USB-C to Lightning cable to charge it.