Mavic Air 2 or Mavic Mini

I can get 10% off either brand new it’s my 1st drone what would you folks recommend

I’d say the Air (but is twice as much).

Question then is if you’re spending that much it’s probably worth the extra for M2Z.

It’s a dilemma.

Maybe ask if anyone in the area can meet and show you said machines in the flesh

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VERY with new account holder 20% discount on 1st order I’ve hear said before on here Worth looking into?

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My favourite recommend

10% at moment though on electrical


It’s argos where I can get the discount


How heavy is Pro 2 for when Legacy drones under 900g MTOM comes into play in July 2020 I weighed my M-Air with prop guards & Extension legs included ( which seems to be the M- Mini MTOM calculation/criteria being banded around presently) and it just scrapes in

Might be a consideration Or not !


Staff discount?

I believe it’s 15% this weekend.


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Not sure it’s via a friend I’ll ask!!!

Their prices on MA are already good (£800 craft with controller £900 with combo Well worth £100) at the moment and as stated already you can get interest free for 12 months (subject to status) (+10%/. / 15%) Thats free of charge flying Sell or keep after 12 months Sounds good to me!


Never owned the mini so can’t speak for that but I love my Air. Had it close on 18mths now.


Was the mavic air your 1st drone

I’ve never owned either … but, ignoring published camera specs (torture specs for long enough and they’ll confess to anything) some of the photo posts on GADC from the Air have, to use a phrase I’ve used before, shown that they can punch well above their price weight.


Not saying they can’t be … just that the Air (even back when it came out) seriously surprised me as to what it could produce (for a lot less than my MP) and had me eating my initial words of doubt about it.

I can say that, as yet, I’ve not seen a photo from the MM that’s blown me away in the same way … and that’s a drone that’s 2 years younger in tech terms.


For me it was the Ryze (DJI) Tello with the better 3rd party App and WiFi repeater with power bank (allows greater range distance approx +25% and I like my gadgets :laughing:)

Downside As in life it’s easy to be drawn into the BBFS (Bigger Better Faster Syndrome)

Camera is fixed and not up to much more that ‘fun memory’s quality’

Very light so 0 wind tolerance!

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My heart says air head says mini lol

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Just be sure to pay back before the 12 months if you go over by so much as a day over they back-charge the interest payments


Oh and GameSir controller forgot to say :blush:

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I wasn’t expecting the Air to challenge the MP … even though it was a lot cheaper. But, IMO, the camera on the Air is as good as the MP … despite the price difference. So - categorically - I am not comparing price, JUST camera quality.


I really do appreciate everyone’s feedback it’s great… I suppose my question is would it be any different learning on the mini or the air… Would either be better…

All the Mavic range are.

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