Mavic Air 2 taking it through fog and mist

I’ve seen a lot of nice early morning sunrise pictures taken from above morning mist / fog but am a bit wary of doing this as I’ve read tales of the MA2 interpreting the cloud as solid ground and refusing to go through it until it runs out of battery! Has anyone experienced issues like this? I know the downward sensor can’t be switched off.

You’ve a few risks with fog.

  1. icing. In damp conditions between -10 and *4 degrees, ice can form on the leading edge of the props. Hover in front of you for a few minutes then land. Check the props for ice, if there’s none you should be good.

  2. water. Fog is just low cloud so it’s wet. Go through it quickly and don’t linger.

  3. spot on with the sensors. The biggest risk is that the drone sees the fog and thinks it’s landing then just drops. Turn off any landing sensors if you can.

  4. finally, visibility. My advice is go straight up and straight down.

Otherwise enjoy, you get some amazing shots.


So get a big net to catch it in just in case? :rofl:

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