Mavic Air 2 trade up

Been looking enviously at the videos and specs for the Mavic Air 2 recently. I’m seriously considering selling both my Phantom 3 Professional AND my Mavic Mini 1 to part fund the purchase of one. Looking at the capabilities of the Air 2 I can’t see what major things I’d be missing out on. I still like the look/style of the phantom series (and having 2 drones!) but I think the Air 2 is the next logical step. Getting the mini 2 when already have the original doesn’t seem like a significant upgrade.

Any thoughts, ideas, would be REALLY welcome


Massive upgrade for occusync alone.

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True, now all they’ve got to do is make it compatible with the Smart Controller and I’ll be happy!

I do think about the occusync feature to be honest, but I guess you get that with the air of course plus the stability. The mini 2 is meant to be close to the air 2 in the wind but a lot of video reviews say otherwise

It’s where do you want to stop.

Mini 2 or Air 2

Air 2 or M2P

3 different markets and different features on each. However if I was spending M2P money I would seriously look at the Autel instead.

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I’m not upgrading again until CE. Pretty much anything you buy today could be obsolete in 2 years

M2 is now SC compatible …I BELIEVE.

If M2 is Mini 2 then it isn’t yet

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There aren’t any CE drones on the market right now

What is CE?

The CE mark. It says a product has hit a certain set of specifications. For drones it’s predominantly around safety and has become relevant with Friday’s change in regulations.

Nobody knows what exactly will be required to make it CE compatible but you may see crumple zones, shielded rotors, a “low speed” setting (think tripod mode but regulated rather than to DJI’s spec) etc. Essentially reducing any damage it dies if it hits someone.

As we don’t have any of these products available, there’s a 2 year transition period from 1 Jan. I would think you’ll see the first of them in around a year.

I’m really not a fan of the CE wording (lettering?).

My Evo 2 is CE marked inside the battery bay:

Shouldn’t we all call it Class Marked, or some other name?

CAA call them “class marks”.

We should too, it’s far less confusing :slight_smile:

Anyway… back on topic… :grimacing:

Quite - it’s always both the best time and the worst time to upgrade. If you want it, do it. There will always be the next one

Sorry guys autocorrect @!@ MA2 and mini2 are SC compatible…

Mini 2 isn’t

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No you’re correct… thought latest controller update contained mini2. Just updated mine as had knee op 2 weeks ago so not been up to much!!

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