Mavic Air 2s. Pairing different/new controller to the drone

Hi Guys

Was silly enough to drop my controller on my garden patio .has now damage the top part …still works . Thought I get a re-placement … mate of mine had a spare controller ( Mavic Air2s ) so taken it …
BUT . Can’t see to get a connection to my drone ???
Is there something I should do to connect :thinking:. The controller is compatible to my Mavic Air 2s Any help please :+1: Thank you. Steve .

You can pair your new controller through the Fly app. When you try to connect, the app will try for a few seconds, when it can’t it’ll show a pop up saying “trouble connecting?” or something like that. click on this and follow the instructions (basically press the power button on the Air 2S for about 4 seconds until it beeps), then it should be paired.

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Let Aldryn show you how

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