Mavic Air - IMU ACC1 Data Error

Before I’ve even flown my new toy I’m seeing an error on one of the sensors that doesn’t seem to want to clear when I perform a IMU recalibration.

I was running through the DJI Go app this morning getting all the settings right and generally preparing to fly this afternoon. I noticed that the ACC1 was showing a “Data Error” but all other parameters on the IMU screen appear to be ok (they are green).

I’d rather not take my maiden flight with an error showing but I’m not sure how critical this is. I’ve contacted the supplier but in the meantime I wonder if anybody else has knowledge of this error.

Thanks in advance


No knowledge of that error but your right to be cautious in not flying with it.

Looks like an accelerometer error, chances are it wouldn’t even allow take off.

I’d try a firmware refresh through Assistant 2, otherwise communication with supplier is way to go. May need to go back for replacement.

@TimD sorry not me, but they have just released an update to the app today I believe. If not yesterday. Version 4.2.12
Added instruction for group selfie in smart capture
Optimised APAS
Simplified and reduced pop up messages

General bug fixes ??

Are you using iOS or Android?
For these types of issues it can be useful to narrow things down.

Not that I’ve experienced any errors in 18 months of MP ownership and Android (only) experience. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried a few things to clear this error:

Restoring factors defaults and refreshing firmware, deleting DJI Go 4 app and re-installing, re-calibrating IUM after these steps…but still the ACC1 Error persists…

Looks like my Mavic Air is DOA.

Spoke with the guys at the suppliers today and they are fab and very supportive but it looks like this is a return to sender issue. Very disappointed as I’ve been waiting a few weeks for the flame red version and now this…oh well patience is supposed to be a virtue!

To answer earlier questions/responses:

I’m using iOS on a iPad Mini 4 with latest iOS 11.3
I’m using DJI Go 4 at 4.2.12

Thanks for your input



Tim, that’s unfortunate mate.

Hope they can get you out a replacement quickly.

Who’d you buy it from @TimD?

Phantom Flight School, who have been brilliant with their customer service.

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