Mavic Air in ATTI mode

Has not happened to me but just want to be prepared . If it goes into this mode thru one of the reasons given in the manual, it appears to have lost most things except height and attitude, will it give you a low battery warning since it appears to not know where it is relative to take off point.

With the Mavic Pro, you can still see the battery percentage on the app and the RC. Doubt it would give you ‘only enough to RTH’ message as it has lost its home point. So you’ll have to keep track of that manually.

If you are not deliberately flying in Atti mode, I’d suggest you immediately try and safely land when your drone goes in to Atti mode.

It won’t have “lost its home point” in ATTI … it simply doesn’t know its own location and hence be able to calculate how far away the home point is.

Once full GPS is restored, it WILL (if needed) perform an RTH to the RTH location set before going into ATTI.

In 2 years, my MP has never gone into ATTI once it has secured an initial GPS lock and subsequent setting of the Home Point at take-off.


The only time my MA was in ATTI mode was when I took off in the house and it crashed into the dishwasher, luckily I had prop guards on at the time. It’s never went into ATTI mode while flying outside


Thanks all. I cannot switch the MA tooATTI I now feel I could manage it if it happened. Be nice when the MA will work with the new DJI sim.

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DJI sim? What’s that @Manty ?

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The one mentioned in a recent thread you’ve forgotten you posted on? :wink:

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:rofl: :rofl:


Sorry guys, I see the word SIM and automatically think ‘sim card’ :cry:

So here I’m thinking,

“WTF?! DJI are making sim cards now???”

I’ll get my coat… :blush:


sorry it’s these abbrevations again! If anyone gets into it I would be interested to know about it having spent my working life in and out of “flight Simulators!!!”

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The men with with White Coats are on there way Rich !:rofl:

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Was that a senior moment ? I do it all the time .

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Had a response rom dji via heliguy that the flight sim requires 16GB of RAM! 30 day free trial then the cost is £1450!


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