Mavic Air Warning Stickers

Having forgotten to remove my giblets cover a couple of times when switching on my Mavic Air at home I found these Mavic Air Warning Stickers which I have received today. Two sets for £2.50 incl P&P and the seem pretty good quality.

They claim that they are printed on 3M vinyl and UV laminated to protect the finish. Waterproof and will not leave any residue when removed.

Certainly stand out!


Oh… gimbal cover … I’m thinking ‘I don’t have a giblet cover’ :smiley: I tend to be the other way around and forget to put it back on

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Looks ideal @BrianB :+1:

Fat fingers on iPhone :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: sorry folks!


Thanks for posting this, I was looking for something like this after a few occasions I almost forgot to remove the cover. I ordered mine and they came today, fast delivery and pleased with the quality.

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No problem, I am still pleased with the quality, no peel off at all and no forgetting to remove since!!!

Just to be slightly pedantic about this, but shouldn’t it read “remove before start up”?
Otherwise the gimbal motors might get damaged.

I drilled a small hole in the gimbal cover and added these , only a couple of quid from the bay

Probably - got it to remind me before I switch on and so bright that I have never forgotten since!

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