Mavic Controller Joystick thread size

As I have a lathe I can make my own joysticks however not sure what the thread size it is. It looks like a 6mm and would assume it is metric but coarse or fine?

Mavic Mini controller?

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Are they not all the same?

Who knows?

The M1P don’t even unscrew!

I can confirm that the Mavic Mini, Mavic Air, Mavic 2 Pro are all the same.
I have just tried the knobs on each, and they all fit each other.
I would say they are M6 Fine thread from my Engineering background, but, this is unconfirmed.



Hi I have a construction background & a M-air

What is affectionately call a gutter bolt is M6 Coarse and although it will start to fit in it is NOT the Correct thread so I too believe it is as stated above

Hope this helps


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This is what I’m referring too just to be clear

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Mockingbird, thay havn’t, its fine

Or American Imperial Spent many hours trying to spin nuts on the wrong way

So my American Cousins it sounds like I don’t like you That’s not the case it’s just you speak a similar language to us but think so differently And I get so confused so easily :upside_down_face: :joy: