Mavic mini battery

what’s the deal with batteries for this no one has any stock including Dji
I only want one :cry:

on eBay for £189 next day I am tempted to buy a combo and sell the batters from it

heliguy have stock arriving in 8 days:


estimated stock they had that on there a week ago i ordered one of another co who said they had stock on the 20th dec and still they haven’t any they lied to me :astonished:

Who Heliguy you mean?

heliguy had estimated stock last week and the week before but i ordered last year from someone else
I think they have all been promised off DJI and they haven’t got stock

Or of stock. :wink:

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from china and that’s out of stock


Just checked about eight of my usual sites, zero stock :confused:

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think its going to be easier to buy a combo and sell or raffle mavic mini and one battery

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Where/when did you get the Mini? Can you return it for a refund?

Assuming of course anyone has a Combo kit in stock?

I know i could get a combo i have flown the mini and not that bothered if i don’t get a battery because i still have the other drones and most of the time i don’t use the 8 bats I have for those
just its in my nature if I can’t have something I want it lol
done this before spent a fortune to get something then it will sit in the drawer and i haven’t used it :roll_eyes:

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I think we’ve all been there at some point mate :blush:

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Worth a punt?

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Maybe DJI have given up,now there are soo many serious competitors… cant stay at the top of the game forever??? :thinking: :thinking: :rofl: :rofl:

still no Batteries in stock anywhere

still can’t get any batteries unless I pay well over the odds

Just had a look at the price of these batteries :scream::scream::scream:.

One heck of a markup when you consider what they actually are.


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yeh 45 quids bad enough but they are selling them in eBay from 80-120