Mavic Mini Colour


With the MM being so small, and frankly, it’s light grey colour matches the sky on the bulk of days in the UK… haven’t DJI missed a trick by not offering the MM in a more visible colour?

This would help with VLOS. Or are DJI leaving the door open for aftermarket skins, strobes etc?

(And yes, my photo editing skills leave a lot to be desired. Plus I’m not saying it should be a lurid green either!!)

What do you think?


Hi Ned, have a look here for various thoughts, :ok_hand: I am impressed with that photo edit though :ok_hand::heart_eyes:

Cheers McSteamy2010 - I’ll take a look. Apologies for missing this :disappointed:

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I had a read. Interesting…

One of the big selling points of the MM is it’s weight i.e. 249g, so pimping them up is going to take them over that magic 250g threshhold, so I find it strange that they don’t produce them in better colours.

Here’s another couple ‘reddish’/‘purply’ edits… nothing in the sky that colour!

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Both of those colours work :ok_hand:

I do think though, that the darker the better for VLOS with any size bird. But as I’ve said before in that previous thread, I’ve not seen a fluorescent drone fly. :thinking: I could be completely wrong.

That would be awesome :+1:t4:

I agree, black would be a great option!

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Stealth black :heart_eyes:

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Yep - that would do it! Hoping to get my hands on one of those bad boys when I’ve had a bit more experience. Is it yours?

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Oh yes, she’s fairly new at only 2 weeks old. My pride and joy lol. :ok_hand: highly recommend.

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I fitted a skin from
Not hi-vis admittedly but they do a lot of different ones.


Very cool! Way more visible than the MM light grey!


Loving that skin! :heart_eyes:

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@Ned more here: Have you wrapped your bird?

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Thanks for that. I’ve looked at wrapping, but I think those little strobons might do the trick. Could be wrong, but I’m going to give them a try.

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I think DJI were aiming to do all they can to keep the Mini “under the radar”. Unlike any other model, it has its weight - 1g under the 250g boundary - emblazoned on its side. It wouldn’t surprise me if they chose “sky grey” to keep it as discrete as possible. It’s easy to make it more visible, harder to make it discrete.

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