Hi Viz for aircraft

Sorry if this has been done before, I looked but didn’t see anything.

I have really been enjoying the section on “wrapping your bird”. It’s something I am considering for my Mini, but I am struggling with “style over substance”. I love some of the coloring and the carbon fiber effects, but how easy are these to see from a distance. My Mavic Mini is what I could best describe as “sky grey” - which makes it bloomin awful trying to keep in sight. I have been toying with the idea of the fluorescent lime or yellow skins, but am not sure how well these will be seen at a distance.

Does anyone have any information on what makes a good colour scheme for high visibility.

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Personally I’d stay with the darker skins, the sky nine times out of ten is light even if it is grey, therefor easier to see. Never seen a high vis wrapped bird so can’t really comment but being a wrapper I can’t see it being very visible at distance.

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I’ve just ordered some strobe lights for my spark, probably better than skins :roll_eyes:


Actually I just mentioned elsewhere that I ordered a test strobe that’s run off a small LiPo or button battery. I like the strobe idea, however, I am unsure of the legality of adding a strobe to a drone. I suspect that someone somewhere will take offense and then the Bow Street runners will get a phone call.


It’s funny, I was considering a chrome skin (not that I’ve found one yet) but it dawns on me that that might be a very bad idea given the potential signal and magnetometer interference etc.

You are correct … I have flown many fast slope soarers gliders in hi viz and to be honest . it did not help . Darker the better even black is better for visibility . especially at 80 mph fly by’s.


Yeah, dark seems to be the general consensus. I guess I was coming at it from the perspective of “If it’s dark how to I find it again if I need to put it on the ground in an emergency”? I guess that most would point to the “Find My Drone” feature to address that.


Compromise, dark skin, hi viz “go faster stripes” or polka dots :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I’m on the other side of the fence.

Still waiting on someone to invent an invisibility cloak for my M2P.

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Surely that’s a mirror vinyl? :thinking: now there’s a thought :grimacing:


Feel old posting this picture :older_man:t4:


You can always put something dark on the underneath and something flourescent on the top sso you can see it if you are looking for it on the ground.

I sort of did that on my MP, but red instead of dark, but it didn’t make it any easier to see. I might try something dark on my M2P.

OMG, I’ll join you in that one (feeling old with that posting). You know, they were showing “Flight Of The Navigator” recently on one of the Freeview channels.

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Yes, at various times in the past the RAF would paint their training jets with dayglo orange,yellow, red parts.
After studies the current scheme is…

Good Morning @Pathfinder

That puts me in mind of the old Vought F4U Corsair colour scheme.

Is a classic! Don’t make them like they used to! :man_shrugging:t3::confused:

Anybody used these guys?

The RAF paint their training aircraft black - because after many years of trying different combinations they have decided that black is the most visible colour.

However adding two or three Strobon Cree strobes to your bird will also help enormously in terms of maintaining visual contact with it!!

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I got a yellow/black cammo wrap from a company here in the uk called Dronewrapz and it makes a difference when flying against a grey sky/sea/looking down from above ( hills, etc.) Still looking for a decent strobe for my Mavic air 2 though.


Have a look at these @GraPow

Got couple fitted to my Typhoon, just don’t look directly at them when the’re switched on. . . :sunglasses:

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