Mavic Mini controller pairing issues

Current owner of a MM.

Today when turning on my controller it constantly beeps, I and also unable to sync to the MM.

Have not idea what the issue is or how to rectify.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Has it operated ok before today?

Yes, I used yesterday no problem.

You could try re pairing the Mini with the controller although it’s unusual if the pairing has been lost on its own. If I remember you hold the power button on the controller for around 4 seconds then same the aircraft and this should initiate pairing. Some have said that sometimes removing the sd card from the aircraft has also helped when this issue has arisen. Formatting the card in a pc then putting it back in the aircraft has solved the issue. You could try re-pairing first then try connecting without the card in if that doesn’t work.

Has either the aircraft or the controller had a firmware upgrade since yesterday ?

I had something similar with mine and all i did to fix it was remove the micro SD card. It paired straight away then. Apparently if your card gets corrupted then it stops pairing.
I didn’t believe it until i did it and it paired instantly once the card was removed.

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This sounds similar to the way the Pixhawk flight controller errors out.

I’m assuming the MM also stores flight logs on the SDcard. The Pixhawk stores logging data on its SDcard but if the card is not accessible the flight controller will not permit any arming. It sounds like DJI have implemented a similar safety feature on the MM.


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