Mavic Mini Leg Extenders

I was wondering what the general view is on the leg extenders you can buy for the Mavic Mini. Are they a good idea and do they interfere with the signal given that the factory legs carry antennae (I think I read that somewhere)?

Some plastics can have a higher concentration of carbon and in theory can be more absorbent/conductive to certain frequencies. However at the frequencies used by most RC models, and the amount of plastic used, this would be negligible. After all the antennas on the controllers are encased in plastic sleeves. If I were to be really anal and equipped with a suitable antenna analyser I would probably say yes but in truth the effect would be negligible.


They’ll definitely take the drone over the 250g limit for registration, and personally I don’t see the need for them.

@B0M0A0K I can recommend the PGYTECH ones

They are very sturdy and the colour match is perfect, they lift the base of the Mini up about an inch to help keep sensors clear of the ground.

I have not experienced any difference in flying characteristics or signal connection.

They will take the weight over 250g but I’m registered anyway so no problem.

The back extenders can be left on and still fit into the Flymore Case, it’s a little snug to start with but after a couple of days the case seems to give a little and it slots in without any issue. The front ones need to come off for storage in the case but they are simple and quick to fit.

Excellent @PaulF - Thanks very much for the link.

@B0M0A0K You’re welcome…Amazon stock them

The extra weight will affect flight time. I fly a Mavi Air and use a folding H pad (£7 or so from eBay) for take off. It keeps the craft away from any dirt or sand that will get blown around otherwise, whether or not you are using leg extenders.

It also provides a nice contrast with the grass/sand/tarmac or whatever allowing both GPS and visual RTH point to be determined.

I either allow the craft to autoland on the pad or hand catch it which is easy enough but looks flashy if people are watching :slight_smile:

Just returned my PYGTECH Mavic Mini extenders after a few uses the pin holding the folding part fell out rendering it useless, it looks to me like the plastic is wearing away causing pin to loosen, I’ll stick with my landing pad

Hi all,

Does anyone have any recommendations on extension legs that would work with the Mavic Mini? I’m using a landing pad but thinking some extra height would be useful.

I know this would push me over the 250g but I’m already registered so no issue.


Sure, I purchased these for my Mavic Mini and really like them. You can take them off and on with ease and they keep the belly off anything dirty / harsh.

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