Mavic Mini - Payload distance restriction

So today I put up my Mavic Mini on the way to Tan Hill, and got a notice that it was in payload mode and max distance was restricted to 162ft.

I did not have the prop guards on, but I did have leg extenders. I have flown many times with these on previously and not had this payload…max distance issue.

Anyway after removing the legs the problem was sorted. There was a slight wind (maybe 8-10mph) coming down off the hillside and I wonder if the downward force of the wind was putting extra download on the Mini and the sensors interpreted this as weight. What do you think ?

Any one out there had the same issue?

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Payload Mode is turned on automatically if a payload is detected after takeoff. Not sure what the weight threshold is but it seems to be quite low.

Anyway, when this happens you can manually turn it if off (again, after takeoff) in the app via Settings > Safety > Advanced Safety Settings > Payload Mode.

The setting will stay off for the duration of your flight. If you land and take off again, even on the same battery, it’ll turn itself back on again. But you can then turn if off again.


Thanks @PingSpike

I was looking for a way to turn it off in settings but couldn’t find it…having said that it was cold and I was in a hurry to get some footage…I will go take a look at the fly app.

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