Mavic mini Strobe mount

Im thinking about getting the strobon Cree for my mavic mini but not wanting to stick it to the drone as ive just put a wrap on it. Does any one know where i can get a mount or holder for it. Cheers

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I’m just about to order 3 of those strobon units (white, red and green).

My intention is to mount them on a bit of fluorescent red plexiglass (80mm x 25mm x 3mm), and then mount that on the top of the MM.

I’ll post pictures/results when done.

I understand that you just want to mount one strobon. I’d go for a good bit of 3M velcro…

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Where are you buying them from? The flytron store is out of stock till the 23rd.

If you do buy from Flytron, don’t forget to use our exclusive discount code.

Details in #members-only category.

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I use the 3m low profile velcro attached on battery door , the sticky back velcro can easily be removed

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Yeah, I saw that… The date is in my diary! :+1:

Cool, I’ll check that out. Thanks.

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Im only a basic member so far so cant see the discount code. How do you get to be a full member?

Scroll up a few posts, I posted a link to the “full member” details mate.


O yes just seen that. Silly me. Thank you :+1: :+1:

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