Mavic Mini with Litchi

Took the plunge and after reading up and watching loads of YT vids I forked out the proud sum of £14.99 and bought the Litchi 4.18.0 app. Took it it out today a tried the “Follow Me” mode. Yes the clip is boring, but at least it’s not long :grin:


Its an even bigger learning curve as one gets older. I know the feeling! I am having it learning video editing now that I have flying fairly well taped. Well done for persevering!

Thanks Ian :grin:
Figured out that I should be wearing glasses too :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

just had a look on the Apple App store and its £21.99 - EEEK

though looking at the list of what it brings to your drone flying it does look like its worth it - will do a bit more looking into this as I do wish the Mavic Mini had some form of active track.

thanks for posting about it as I had no idea that this existed.

It was 30% cheaper this time last week :grimacing:

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Dam missed that memo haha

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I got the android version for £14.99 a couple of days ago

So far I still haven’t managed to get the MM to track after drawing a square around me. And no, I didn’t click focus mode. I wonder if it’s an altitude/distance thing?

Yes, me too - and particularly annoyed as I had been expecting it, and the price-watch site I had been following it on daily, missed it completely…

It’s yearly and has been forever (ish) always a Black Friday sale at Litchi.

Usually one in the spring/summer, too … that’s when I got Litchi at a discount.

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Sadly they have not offered that summer one for a while…

Certainly I wasn’t aware of it this year … but then Covid mucked about with lots of things.

I was certainly available in 2019, though - and (obviously) 2018.

Before that I have no idea.

AppSliced did list the reduction. And it going back up again.
Unfortunately, I was watching for it on AppShopper, which as of today still hasn’t clocked the change that AppSliced did:
Caveat emptor.

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Sorry to interrupt, but had to ef-supload to YT as the title was misleading. Here it is again