Mavic Pro 2 Multi-Charger - SOLD!


Having sold my Mavic 2, I no longer need the excellent multi charger - this can simultaneously charge three batteries and the two USB devices (controller and phone).

Perfect condition, boxed.

£24 delivered in the UK.


shame this was’nt available 3 weeks ago !, chuffed with mine though.


How long does it take to charge 3 batteries simultaneously with one of these?


No time at all if you never fly. #Badum-tish! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok I’ll rephrase…

Theoretically, if one were not lazy and managed to fly their drone regularly, how long would one of these take to charge 3 batteries?



So - you’re “asking for a friend”. :wink:


less than an hour, for all three.


Would you take £20 James?


Sorry, with postage and packing it doesn’t make it worth while.



Having had the same one and mine blew up within first 8 minutes of powering on, i’d be interested to replace it. PM me with payment options


Hi Mark, someone else has contacted my (which I missed) so I need to give them a chance to get back to me, if they don’t get back to my soon then it is yours.

Thanks, James


Now sold.