Mavic pro accessories for sale

Following the loss of my mavic pro i have the remaining bits ad bobs consisting of
Spare Battery
RC controller
Charger and lead
spare rotors
gimbal cover
extension legs
gimbal sun hood
rotor protectors
box of no 4,8,16,32 ND filters

all in for £90

any takers?

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How did you lose the Mavic Graham?

Interested.where abouts are you😀

Details: Tale of woe


I live in Marston Green, right next door to Birmingham Airport

Only an hour and a half up the m5. I’m in Bristol. Would you post?

Oh dear.
Thanks Rich.

Yes I’ll post but not sure of how much that would be, I’ll get it checked and let you know

That would be good. Don’t mind paying postage.

What payment method do you prefer can do PayPal or direct bank transfer.

ok, postage is 6.50 postage but only gives up to £50 compensation if they lose it, or £11.50 for up to £500 compo, however they will not accept loose batteries, by loose they mean not fitted in a device, so I’m not sure how to proceed?

Just found out that there is an inpost courier locker place nearby, they charge £5.82 for delivery to a locker near you.

Jon, you might want to send your details in a message rather than have them shown to the universe :thinking::wink:


@MementoMori good point batman never know who is trying to put the finger on you. lol :sunglasses:


@pilningpilot if you click on @Rifleair’s name, then the blue ‘Message’ button, you can send him a PM to discuss details :+1:

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Cheers @ PingSpike, we’ve just found it!


all sorted. thanks to the watchers who shouted out. thankyou:grin:

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Hi did this sell

Yes, but thanks for your interest

Wow this is deal of the century!!

I was same situation, so I bought another MP with one battery at cheap price, so I was in possession of two RC controllers was going to Hack one of the controller’s but then did not need to do this after going NLD mod,

Placed on eBay with DJI bag and lots of interest got £240 for controller and £33 for bag so in the end I was back in the sky around £200 after losing original.:grin:

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