Mavic Pro Accessories Re-Listing

Re-listed due to time wasters:

I have the following for sale:

Mavic Pro R/C with 2 x joystick protectors
Polarpro ND / PL filters 4, 8, 16
2 x genuine DJI batteries
2 x non DJI batteries
DJI intelligent four battery charger
1 pair DJI low noise props
5 pairs DJI standard props
Kuuqa tablet holder for 4" - 12" tablets

All you need to add is the Mavic Pro!!

Please contact me if interested in any, or all of the above.

I’m interested in the polar Pro filters if you will sell them separate if yes what price?


New these are currently £80 - this set is less than 12 months old with virtually no use so I’ll take £40.



Hi Bernie
That is a fair price I’ll have them off you just let me know how we share contact details on here and how you want payment bank transfer or cheque etc

What’s the life of the batteries and how much you want for them

@Scubadave63 if you click on the profile / name of @northernlights53 then click the blue “Message” button, you’ll start a private conversation.

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That’s great Dave.

Do you have PayPal?

They are less than 12 months old, not sure on number of charging cycles, but not a large number because I did very little flying last year before I lost the drone.

Current price is £80 each (Amazon), so I’ll take £100 for the pair.


I was almost tempted last month to buy 2 from eBay at £100 so would you accept £80?

Oh and I do have paypal I can do Bach’s transfer it will be in your bank same day if you like

OK, as you’re having the filters as well I’ll go for £120 for the filters & both DJI batteries.

Whereabouts are you?