Mavic Pro controller size?

Hi all, I’m thinking of getting a tablet mount for my Mavic Pro Controller, I don’t like the ones that cover the LCD screen on the controller so want it to be above. I have seen one on amazon I like look of here:

But this says it’s only suitable for Mavic Pro 2, so my question, Is the Mavic Pro Controller a Different size? Or are they the same? This does not apply to the smart controller.

Thank you in advance.

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I think they are the same size. It maybe because of the location of USB ports that the Mounts could be different

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@stevesb from what I can see the USB ports look in very similar places. I guess if I order it. I can always send it back if it doesn’t fit. Thank you for the reply.

@PingSpike Thank you for fixing the link. I’m not sure what went wrong. I used the link icon and pasted the link.

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The fact that you are ordering from Amazon means you can definitely return it if it’s not suitable

:point_up_2:what Paul says, nothing to lose with Amazon (except a walk to the post office if it’s not right)

The amazon reviews are confusing, one says says and another says no.

Well I have ordered it. Should be here Monday, so if people want to know I can post my thoughts here.



I changed from MP to M2P not so long ago and I couldn’t see any difference between the two controllers apart from the screw in sticks, both connecters are in the same place and the physical size seems to be exactly the same.

While looking on Amazon I saw a nice mount for my CrystalSky which has a quick release similar to that on a camera tripod, looked for it on eBay and found the same thing from UK stock, where as Amazon must be from China by their delivery date.

Just send it back if not suitable. Got tablet holder for my MA1, my main concern, Didn’t realise how heavy and bulky it makes the RC become, with the tablet. Probably ok with mini iPad but returned it anyway.

Hi all not sure who’s following this or if anyone actually is.

The tablet mount arrived Monday, managed to try it out yesterday and it fits a treat. Also come with a neck strap which takes some of the weight. Now just need a day with no rain.


We’re hanging on your every word.:grin:
Glad it’s worked out for you