Mavic Pro downward camera


Guys, how accurate is the downward sensor on the Mavic Pro, example so if I’m in normal mode (non sport)and the sensors are turned on will it detect a tree beneath it as I’m hovering down.


It will detect the tree but not until the branches become dense enough to register, you might actually hit the flimsy, thin branches at the very top before the sensor ‘sees’ anything.


Your thread title mentions “camera” … and that’s only used to establish and find the take-off for precision landing.
The sensors for obstacle avoidance (and the distance to the landing surface when landing in any mode) are ultra-sonic.
In that respect, what @Aij615 said is correct.

Take a look at Did not understand Litchi Reverse to see the sensors (front and down) doing their job most excellently! :+1: