Mavic Pro Drones can't swim

Keep us updated, John :slightly_smiling_face:

I will good or bad, it will be the truth, hoping for a good outcome!

it shows the build quality of DJi I can replace the camera if needed, the chap on eBay that sells a new Lense I asked him how it was easy to change as stated on his advertisement waiting for a reply.

Tomorrow forecast is horrendous winds, so flying in a very big barn may be the only choice.

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What was the SD card like, any crash video :grinning:

No the flight was only 5 min’s before the crash so the SD card had not done a save, the prop’s were a bit smashed up.

stick it back in and power up

That will finish the writing and you should be able to access the video

My mavic pro Platinum crashed in the ocean in shallow water, when the battery came off in flight. Some kids retrieved it. I washed it with fresh water right away. Then dried it in a plastic container filled with rice. After a considerable time in there, it was able to power on again and fly. But the camera/gimbal was damaged. I got the sd card out. The last file was damaged, but i was able to fix it with some software i bought. Later i bought a replacement camera gimbal and installed it, but it never worked right, so i sent it back and got my money back. This was all 5 years ago.

Well the test in the barn was good but no GPS, I tried every moment in the book all good, flight time about 20 min’s I then took it out side in the lea of the barn the GPS was now working, took off then at at 4 mt and sent it away it stoped at about 50 mt and reported it’s range was reached, checking out the GPS I pressed home it said coming home went up to 40 mt and try as it might it could not go forwards the wind up there was too strong, I pressed stop and descended to 10 mt where it could cone back to me. I’m very happy.

It seems all the user settings have gone I slowed most of the movements down and the gimbal speed, but that’s all gone it is so sharp in it’s reactions to the stick are violent!

Charging now so I will reset all the settings again and probably the camera settings are back to factory.

The Lense is still fogged up but I have a new Gimbal Damper Vibration Shock Absorbing Bracket Board Mount to fit because the elastics have stretched badly so I will be able to remove the Lense easy when the camera is out of the aircraft that’s the next job, I have plenty of time with the high winds we have.

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Sounds good, John :smiley:

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All done the new gimbal platform is in place, I have removed the front of the camera about 12mm long and will tomorrow try to remove the glass Lense from it to clear the droplets off the Lense and from inside of the camera, then refit it when dry, I may fit the front 12mm section with silicon in the joint to stop water ever getting in again, if it does the whole camera is not too expensive to replace.

I striped away a lot of gang connections and found on water or damage in them. so the GDi Mavic Pro seems to be a strong survivor 50 hrs at 6 foot in a fast flowing stream!

Bring on the good weather!!!


Hi again, the update on my swimming drone is everything works well, the only problem is that when it comes home automatically all’s good, it depends on the target, before it slowed at about 1/2 a mt and defended gently to the ground then the motors turn off.

Now it has a hard landing not slowing at all! any ideas?

Also is there a way to get the DJi app on my Mac?

Try calibrating the vision sensors maybe .

I wouldn’t put it anywhere near my Mac, use the windows version in a virtual machine then scrap it.

But if you really must here is the link for the OSX version

Thank’s I will try that :ok_hand:

I have tried on two Mac’s to download and install DJi assistant 2, it come’s up with can not open as it’s from a unrecognised developer??

Driving me mad

You need to go into system settings under security / unlock to allow third party / unrecognised developers, when done close the pad lock.

Have a look at this …

It’s Apples way of trying to protect you :slight_smile:

Thank you all who have helped me download Assistant 2 to my desktop what a game!!

I changed the Lense because of excessive damp, I read all that was on Youtube and more I tried with a fine needle a raiser blade and a scapula non worked heated it hot with a hair dryer, but no come off.

During the try’s I cracked the Lense so I glued a pencil on to it with two pack glue, heated it and it came away easy, just fitted the new Lense and 100% clear.

I don’t believe it’s posable to get one off there is no gap to work with.