Mavic Pro Platinum Batteries

I have 3 batteries for my Mavic 2 Pro Platinum and one has completely stopped working for some unknown reason. I am trying to buy one or two more of the batteries but I cant seem to find any genuine DJI replacements. Even on the Official DJI site the batteries they are showing as a spare part are not the same. (This might be because they have discontinued the Platinum, but that doesn’t help me). They are a few on Ebay and Amazon that look similar but I prefer to buy original equipment where I can. Has anyone got any ideas where I can source OEM Mavid Pro 2 Platinum batteries?

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DJI didn’t make a “Platinum” edition Mavic 2 so I assume you mean a Mavic Pro Platinum? (ie, Mavic 1)

The Mavic 1 sadly went end of life many years ago, you’ll not find new Mavic 1 OEM batteries anywhere :confused:

Not brand new … but a reliable vendor. Bought one from them myself a year or so ago.

A couple to choose from (if I don’t decide to get another! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Yeah - they’re just Mavic Pro … but that’s only a colour difference from the MP Platinum.

Agreed, MPB have some good feedback here :+1:t2:

… and, if you put a wrap on the drone and batteries … nobody will ever know! :+1:

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Thanks for letting me know. The two years I have had it I have thought it was something else. I must have ticked the wrong box on the DJI website when I originally bought it!!! :crazy_face: I will probably go with the suggestion from OzoneVibe and go to if they have good feedback like suggested.

Easy to tell them apart - the cameras are very different … as, too, is the sticker in the battery compartment that tells you the model. :wink:

I’ll update the topic title here so people don’t get confused :blush:

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Another option is to buy a second hand Mavic Pro on eBay, purely for the batteries.

You could always sell on what you don’t need.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will probably get a couple of battereis from Cant believe I don’t know what drone I have been flying since I got it!!! To be fair tho there are still some brand new Mavic Pro Platinum Flymore Combo’s available on EBay and I am easily confused!!!

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