Mavic Pro Platinum Error Messages

This has happened the last 2/3 times i have taken the Mavic out in various locations… I am refreshing the firmware on the Mavic at the moment, but is there anything else i should consider doing / looking at?

I am used to getting the odd compass error, however the last few times i have also got one about the IMU… :skull:

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It’s sort of the same thing.

A straight compass error could be one or both magnetometer has high interference and it will switch to other.

IMU heading exception means that the heading the magnetometers are reporting conflicts with what the IMU has calculated.

The IMU exception you normally get when the compass has interference but not enough to stop you taking off. You can fly straight out but it’s normally when you start to yaw you get the error.

I’m guessing you’ve already tried a compass and IMU calibration?

Are you adding anything to the Mavic like strobes, tracker etc?

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I had this issue. Never was able to solve it. In the end I sent my platinum in to DJI and had a new replacement unit, have had none of this error since.

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They could have made it sound a little less major… It’s odd because it also loses all GPS connection, and fails to hold position so i have to fly manually until it sorts itself out.

It hasn’t prompted me for one, but I haven’t actually done these in a long time. Perhaps i should… :thinking:

Nope, completely stock!

Hmm… :face_with_monocle: How painful (or painless) was the process? It is coming up to 12 months since purchase.

Yeah that’s it dropping into ATTI mode.

When a compass error happens, Mavics way of switching to ATTI is by setting satellite count to zero.
It’s a strange and confusing way of doing things but that’s how it works.

I’d bet that an IMU and compass calibration solves your problem.

Before you do it though, out of curiosity check the sensors page in GO4 and see what the ingerference is like on both compass.

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I had the new drone less than a week after dropping mine off at the UPS place. I was most impressed and you can track the process’ progress online, was very happy with the service. Doing your calibrations first is a good place to start, just wanted to share that for me it was a hardware issue.

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Very confusing, would be way better if they simply just used the ATTI icon with an alert!

I will try the calibration to see if this resolves it, hopefully it does or its going back to DJI :smiley:


Ah right, slightly different circumstances then, i hope mine isn’t a hardware issue that has developed but once i have done the calibrations i will know for sure! Nice to hear a positive story about DJI support :sunglasses:


Sorry I mean I got the replacement drone in less than a week, my drone was a few months old when this problem developed and DJI sent me a brand new one

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Ah i get you, in which case that’s even better!

Just taken it for a flight after doing a calibration of both the IMU and Compass, encountered no error messages this time round. Hopefully it has been fixed :sleeping:


Good news!


Good stuff mate.

Should probably have mentioned DJI changed the compass calibration page on most recent manual.

Where before they recommended only calibrating when prompted, it now says this…

Don’t think I’d be doing the 10km thing though.

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Thanks for this, didn’t realise they had changed that. It also seems that the second part of the calibration has changed? Im sure that DJI GO said to turn the Mavic on its side for the second part of the compas calibration… :man_shrugging:t3:

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Not sure mate.

I’ve always done it nose down.

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Maybe this is why i keep getting compass errors :joy:

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You have to turn it on it’s side for one of the steps of the IMU calibration :+1:

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