Mavic Pro Platinum Flymore – Refurbished [SOLD]



Originally a crashed quad I purchased on GADC back in April as a lockdown rebuild project.

The following parts were purchased to repair:
Middle shell
Top shell
Front Compass
Front vision sensors
Rear arm left
Rear arm right
Gimbal camera
Anti vibration bracket for gimbal
All parts were new apart from gimbal which I purchased from china as used. A successful build with no errors to report.
Fly’s as it should.

  • Cosmetically good few marks on front arms from crash but was not worth changing as barely noticeable.
  • The cover for the SD card slot is from a pro so is grey not platinum I was unable to locate an original.
  • Perspex Gimbal cover has a crack but not worth replacing if it is a problem only a few quid to replace.
  • The gimbal I had the choice of buying a new one over £300 or a used for £82 buying the new would of made the repair uneconomical so went for the used, it does have a small mark on motor case and a fine crack in front lens which I could not get to show you on pic, however it in no way affects the quality but if it does bother you then the front camera unit is about $30 new and requires removing 6 screws to replace it also includes a camera.
  • One battery is cracked as a result of crash does work perfectly but I only used it for tests and flying low and close hence reason this does have 14 charges compared to the other 2 which have 5 and 7 charges.
  • Wifi switch maybe faulty or I did not connect wifi ribbon cable correctly during reassembly anyway didn’t fancy stripping it all down for that as it is unlikely that the quad will be operated with a smartphone.
  • A DecalGirl skin is fitted in solid mint colour which I purchased from a friend who did not like the colour but this is not included in price you can remove if you don’t like it but I think it looks good.
  • It is common for the lenses on these cameras to mist up depending humidity changes, so when not in use I put one of those small silicon packs inside gimbal cover that should help but this only happened to me once in 2 months.

Might be worthwhile purchasing some original props as the one supplied are not original DJI.

Think that’s about it, I know this listing is long but need to make sure you know what you are buying and no surprises.
I purchased this for £320 and cost about £225 for parts so I’m asking £545 I do not intend to profit from this. Paypal welcome and will send RM special delivery for £10.
This is the fly more so you get the package and some spare props, 64gb card and tablet/phone holder.
Not advertising anywhere else if its not sold on here then is stays with me.
Please DM for any further info.

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