Mavic Pro prices dropping fast

Suddenly there are hundreds of Mavic Pro’s on Ebay !

Looked 10 days ago and not one was under £ 500.

Today I see several under £ 300, and that’s the fly more kits.

Will be interesting to see the prices in mid January…


Wow £300 is a bargain.

That’s the starting price though?

Not the final selling price?


True ! :grin:

But it shows how people’s hopes and expectations of selling their drone quickly,
if at all, are coming down rapidly.

They either want the money to buy a Mavic 2 for the new year, or realise that they
may soon need to have to get themselves a licence. :scream: .


Yeah but some of them are living in cloud cuckoo land, one guy had an MP, no Fly More Pack or any other extras, for £1500 buy it now price. A couple of lines down there was an M2P for the same price.

Didn’t see any for £300 though, may have been in an auction and gone up a bit, but you could certainly got one for £500, wait till the new year and they will be even cheaper what with all the trouble at Gatwick.