Mavic Pro Valuation Please

I am considering selling my Mavic Pro Fly (Even) More kit, as I haven’t been out using it.
A combination of lockdowns and change of regs has really taken me away from flying this last year.
I think I would be better off with a Mini 2, which is pretty capable other than on really windy days

I have the following slightly unusual kit: (due the) fact that my first Mavic Pro landed in the sea without me really asking it to

Mavic Pro with Controller and hard case
Additional Controller
4x Battery Packs
2x Mains Chargers, one with multi battery adaptor
12V Car Charger
Some spare Props
ND Filters
Additional Gimbal protector and Camera bubble

I bought the Mavic Pro kit with one extra battery here on the forum some time early/mid 2020
I can look up the flight data, but don’t have it to hand

Your thoughts on a valuation would be appreciated

Look at the recently sold Mavic Pros on eBay over the last three months, what are they fetching there?


Thanks Rich, took a look and was surprised by some of the outliers price wise…
More got lucky prices than unlucky, interestimgly

On the PC forum I’m on, we usually knock off 15 to 20% from ebay to allow for their fees and PP charges, and that is a potential ‘forum’ price