Mavic Skins - Custom Made


I quite like the black holographic.

I’m wondering if white holographic could be a good choice to deter seagulls and the likes.


Happy to run a couple of these off for people for material cost + postage for the forum? Say £5 for the whole skin? (Not sure if I’m allowed to do that here, if not then I apologise?)


Sent you a PM. They all look fantastic, but the carbon gets the vote from me.
How many times have I said it???



It’s not a problem. :+1:


Is it just Mavic you are doing or do you plan to do others?


Hi…at the moment, i only have the cut files for the Mavic Air and the Mavic Pro…were you after something in particular?

Please note, im only a hobbyist, so i cut these on a hobby grade machine, not a professional machine. As you can see in most cases the cuts are actually really accurate, but i dont have other devices to test the fitment with.



Hello, I was thinking of something for the Inspire 1, got some ideas but not 100% sure yet.
I was just wondering what sort of price if you were to find a template for the Inspire.
I could be a guinea pig if you were to find one if you like, pm me some information if you can find anything.


:hugs: Hi Anup,

Love the skins you create, and the skin of rararasputin is amazing.

i really would like to get a holographic/color changing skin.

can you help me out please?

kind regards,

a happy mavic pilot from the netherlands.


Hey mate! Thanks! What mavic do you have??


Hey dost,

Ive got a mavic pro. The 1st edition.

I really want that chameleon look.

Kind regards,


These are all awesome


I can help you out! Let me PM you


I cant pm haha. New account.
Mail me at