Mavic Skins - Custom Made

Here is my first skin.

Completely home-made using a pattern found on the internet and my wife’s Cricut machine that she uses for crafting.

The vinyl used is an off-cut of a car vinyl called Chameleon, which was purchased for around £6 from ebay.

Had to cut the skin after application to let the Mavic stripes and logo show through on the arms, but it is not required.

The patters used are as follows and the machine was set to use them as 10" X 10"

Skin Cut Templates 1 & 2


I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I do like that :+1:

Is this a standard automotive template do you know?

Could I take this to my local van sign printing / vinyl place and have them cut this pattern out of some of their existing stock?

Thanks for sharing :smiley:


I honestly don’t know regarding taking them to a sign printing place. You would need to maybe ask/email them

The way it works on a cricut machines is you upload the files, then click on the white parts to make them transparent.

I don’t have any experience with other cutting machines etc unfortunately.


I have a Cricut and would like to make my own skin/s. Would you be kind enough to explain the process you used to make yours?

I look forward to hearing from you.




First, download the two images above.

Then one at a time upload in to Cricut, set page size to be 10" X 10", select the transparent parts of the image and delete them.

Load vinyl into the machine making sure it is big enough 10"


Then repeat for the second image.


Hi @CS09 and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

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Hi guys thank you on both counts. Firstly for the acceptance to the forum and secondly for the help with the template/skin. Big thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


“Wow” this is interesting, I didn’t know these machines are available. Her indoors makes cards, I’ll see if she would like one.


Looking good @CS09!!

Please post more photos of your wrapped bird :+1:

LOL :rofl:

I can picture the conversation now… “My good lady, I have bought ‘you’ a present!”

She may even believe it’s actually for her :wink:

Nice. Good job with the Cricut :+1

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I originally had a silver carbon skin, then tried gold carbon and now the red which I made with my ladies Cricut.


A gears of war skin… awesome

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My contribution:

The Mavic Air Skin Set

Taken me a while to find this in a really accurate model, and i think this is as close as i can get.

I have this in an Adobe Illustrator file and can export to PDF, SVG etc etc, but i have uploaded a high quality PNG. Just let me know if you want the other formats.

Used my Cricut machine to cut this over a spare shell i had and it fits pretty accurately, however the vinyl i used wasn’t heat sensitive (the type they use in the automotive industry) so it didnt in some places or didnt stretch or shrink when i applied heat. not bad for a first cut though!

I’m going to try and create some branded ones (Grey Arrows Ones anyone? lol)


Thanks for the share @S4NUP :+1:

If you’ve got some pics of your wrapped drone or controller, please do share them over here:

Is the PNG format widely supported by cutting machines? (if that’s what they’re even called?!)

In case you couldn’t tell, I know pretty much nothing about cutting vinyl :blush:

I’ve ordered some holographic silver/blue vinyl today, so hopefully this should arrive by the weekend and i’ll have some pictures.

the PNG file is usually widely accepted, but some people prefer SVG (its the vector form, meaning scaling and detail is not lost) and the AI version allows you to do things such as this:

Where you can cut out text from the vinyl so that the underneath colour shows through (thats really basic though, there’s loads you can do)

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So after some vinyl going missing in the post, finally got round to cutting out the full pattern and sticking it down. This is NOT what my drone is going to look like but I couldn’t decide on the pattern that I wanted.

The cut file attached above is extremely accurate and fits really nicely.

White holographic

5D carbon

Black holographic

What you think? Which one??


1st one looks like it came from ‘The Navigator’ film. I prefer the 5d carbon, but hey it’s your drone. Lol

AMG edition anyone?
(Matches my car!)


That first holographic one is wild :scream: I kinda like it :smiley:

But that said, I vote carbon.

Even if I am slightly biased :blush:

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