Max Altitude - How will my Mini Behave?

I was thinking about the Max Altitude settings on the Mavic Mini controller and how this functions. If you try to go above what you have set as Max Altitude how does your drone behave?

Does the controller pop up a warning or does the drone lower it’s height automatically to adhere to the max altitude settings?

I’ve not tried it yet and wondered if anyone else had?

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If it’s like the Mavic 2, you’ll get a warning and it will not fly any higher than the limit. You may continue to get warnings if you stay at the ceiling.


Maybe I will try this later and report back.

Good luck, don’ t think you’ll be able to see the mini at 400’ AGL… :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


LOL, I’m too “new” to try something like that. Will probably set it for 100ft and see what happens.

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OK, here’s my experience with this.

First, I set the Max Altitude to 100ft and took off. I gained height until I hit 100ft and it just went on climbing.

I freaked out! Landed the Mini and checked my settings only to discover that I don’t seem to know the difference between 100ft and 200ft because I had set the Max Altitude to 200ft :unamused:

I reset the Max Altitude to 100ft and took off again. The Mini climbed to 100ft and then stopped climbing. I saw no warnings from the controller and there was not audible alert (wasn’t sure what to expect) but she just hung there at 100ft.

I’m OK with this, it means I can happily set a Max Altitude and know that the Mini is not going to go past that if I take my eyes off the height. From a purely personal perspective I would quite like a warning or, given that the controller loves to chat, a verbal “Max Height reached” notification, or some such.

Anyways, that was my experience. From a scientific perspective it it would be great if another of our MINI owners could confirm that they see the same behavior?

Thanks All.

@B0M0A0K Will give feedback, not really had much chance due to wind, had my mini for over 2 weeks and not had chance to take it out, hovered on back garden only :+1:

Great stuff @Sunseeker - I will look forward to seeing what your experience is with this before considering the question answered. Thanks again. Just don’t put her up if the wind is not conducive it’s not worth having a bad experience in these early days. Do you fly something else or are you, like me, new to this?


Damn! Why doesn’t mine say that?

is your phone volume turned up ? turn it up once in the app sometimes the phone only turns the ringer volume up

You’ll get more feedback from Litchi (from what I remember) once they decide to support the MM.


I’ll check that again, thanks for the pointer. :+1:

Been flying just over a year now and started with a phantom 4 sold that and part funded the Anafi and Mavic 2 Pro, the Anafi are a good bird however, something had to give to buy Mini so that went to fund Mini which is purely for holidays abroad easy to pack. I do enjoy the pastime when weather and health permits but with the hate campaign and all the changes we have to keep up with I sometime wish I had taken up good old fashioned stamp collecting :christmas_tree: :laughing:

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Flew my mini this afternoon. Boring same old field, reset max altitude, didn’t quite get it right and ended up setting it at 85m. Loads of really high trees around a wee gravel pit pond and, as I was quite some distance away, climbed and climbed… until the RC told me, in a very clear voice “Maximum altitude reached”. Accompanied by some red writing on my screen. Quite nice to know though!!

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Set your max altitude in meters? Easier than feet :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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I guess I need to rerun this test next time I am out.

I could still see mine at 380 foot directly overhead. Only just though.


To save me doing it (if you’re testing anyway!), I’m intrigued what it will do if you set max altitude at 50m and RTH to 100m?

That’ll be one hell of an arguement between the RC and the drone :joy:


Yeah that’s been bothering me slightly.

I’ve yet to use RTH and I’m planning on never needing to! :smile: