Max UAV modified Mavic air controller.. Help?

So I’ve seen this modified Mavic air controller at nearly 400 euro but as I’m new to this I really want more understanding. Is this controller already adapted to accept antenna like the 4 hawks etc, meaning you wouldn’t actually need a 4 hawks kit as most of it is pre done. Also can you expect huge difference over stock controller, like does it really work. Sorry if this sounds stupid I’m just trying to get more information on this new hobby and I see many of you talking about these things and I want better understanding :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s basically a new controller with the stock antenna removed and rerouted to external connectors.

You can then use whatever compatible antenna you like.

The best and cheapest range mod for us in the UK is probably getting the controller to output in FCC power mode. 0.4w compared to CE 0.1w.

I was curious about the mods with 3w boosters so emailed the manufacturer.

The output power is proportional to input power so basically to get the full 3W you would need to be in FCC mode.

On my MP doing a test in FCC mode with stock controller I managed to maintain video feed for 4.3 miles. Lucky to get 2 normally.

Plenty range for me.

Not sure about the Air but I’d look into FCC mode before a modified controller. You might find that’s plenty.

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And if you are thinking of ordering from MaxxUAV, don’t forget the Grey Arrows discount code:


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Thanks for the reply mate, yes I’ve been using FCC for a while now and the difference is extremely noticeable.although I probably don’t need fly it miles it’s more about having a rock solid connection at all times and I keep finding myself looking at those 4 hawks. Can I just ask how you forced FCC on your pro, as the air is extremely easy but I know the MP is somewhat different and do you think DJI may stop FCC with a software update at some point?

Good point about ensuring a better connection.

Hadn’t seen the 4hawks ones. The raptor SR for pro looks pretty compact and reasonably priced.

I use either an older go4 app with config file on iPad or modded android app.

They might well try lock it down in the future but there will always be ways round about it.

Personally Ive found a firmware im happy with and don’t update anything.

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I don’t think the raptor XR has any booster, it’s just a high gain 14dBi antenna.

Was looking at 14DBi directional antennas for disco.

I wonder if I could buy this and extra fitting kit and use on both drones.

Yeah this is why I was showing the pre modded controller. As this is all new to me I was thinking that a raptor kit would just screw on as all the hard work had been done, as there is no way I will take my controller apart, at least not yet lol

Yeah raptor panel would just screw on.

Raptor panel is probably best for longer range flights, I’m guessing you would need to make sure it’s always pointed at mavic as looks like it will be a quite a narrow beam and further you get the more it will spread out.

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You could also get a pair of omni directional whips for closer range flights and portability.

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Yes I see those, definitely a must have and pretty cheap as well. I’m constantly trying to think of really cool places I could go right now, except I’m constantly at work, though I’m getting time off in August so I’ll really put some hours on the Mavic then :grin:

Know the feeling mate.

Seems every time it’s sunny I’m back or night shift.

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Hello just been reading about this new controller you bought. Is it for the Mavic Air? And does it give you more range and connection? Thx Gibby

Hi mate, I’m new to this myself lol. It’s not actually a “new model” controller it’s a modified Mavic air controller that has been made ready to accept antenna that uses SMA connection. You would still need to buy the antenna seperate. The idea is that people wouldn’t need to strip our own controllers down and risk breaking something as the work has been professionally done