Maximum height and distance settings

I realise that we’re not supposed to exceed 400ft and LOS, but what do you have your maximum height and distance set at, also your RTH height. I also realise that we should be aware of our surroundings and may need to adjust accordingly but intrested in to hear what you’re default settings are.

I change my RTH height on each flight. I usually just look around to see what’s about. If it’s windy I always set RTH quite low, but still high enough the clear the nearby trees, etc :slight_smile:

Not sure I have a max distance set? Maybe I do… I’ll check next time I’m on the GO4 app.

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My RTH height I’ve had set at 30m which is sufficient for where i’ve been flying, but realise that needs to be considered at each location. My max height I’ve got set to 120m (400ft). Distance, not sure what that is myself but think the maximum you can go to is 8000ft.

Mines set to the edge of space :rocket:

(Press and hold the menu in height settings then more options and click edge of space mode, click the “I confirm this is really high” button and your good to go.):rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

No just messing 400ft UK law. :+1:

I keep within the height limit for the UK (400ft/122m) distance… well… depends :wink:

Mine is set to 120m.

Could be doing with around 600m max but not possible on my mavic.

Mine also set at 120m max height, 500m max distance and usually 30m RTH, but as mentioned have a check before each flight to ensure whatever you have set is enough to get over the nearby trees or whatever.

RTH set at 50m, max height at 200m, maximum distance 5,000m.

I’m one of the few these days that remains unconvinced that the 400ft limit applies to UAVs under 7kg. I’ve read the relevant parts of the ANO and my interpretation of articles 94 and 95 and the 400ft limit is only referenced to >7kg craft. This was pointed out to me by a well respected person who is heavily involved with the CAA with past, current and future UAV regulation.

Commercial flights will most often be restricted to 400ft regardless of weight as that’s the CAA’s default.

That’s not to say that I fly that high or even regularly fly over 400ft but I have be known to on occasions.

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When I say commercial fights, I mean commercial UAV flights sanctioned by the CAA…

I got my flame suit out of the wardobe when I posted that I sometimes fly higher than 400ft. I also moved house and changed identity in case the drone police came calling. I don’t know if the drone police came calling as I’d moved house but no flaming here, thanks…

I wonder if that’s because most people aren’t 100% sure about the regulations and kind of blindly follow the general consensus about max height or if this is just such a nice place nobody disagrees with anybody else… :smiley:

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Here’s a thing …
Whilst in Italy, following my passion for old hill-top villages, in many of the villages there was nowhere suitable to fly and maintain LOS whilst getting that 45 degree down view.
And, flying from below/outside the village, where I could maintain LOS, sometimes meant I was “hitting the 400ft ceiling”.
On the basis that no planes would be flying within 100ft/200ft of the village … I may have “pushed the limit” a few times … briefly … :wink:

Read somewhere that the Italians are a lot stricter than over here.

70m max altitude and 300m max distance.

Wouldn’t matter to much out in the sticks but I think they have really clamped down around cities.

Certainly I kept very low profile. Mainly photos … quick up and back, launching away from people so nobody heard.

In the tiny old villages, their “siesta” comes in useful. Just NOBODY about for a couple of hours.

In one village (Ragusa, Sicily) a copper came up to me as I was checking video and said “No - no drones!”. Then he saw his house was in view … and asked for a copy, saying "Please - no more flying. :slight_smile: "

On Instagram I also follow a few Italian Mavic pilots … they certainly exceed those limits! Before I head back there I’ll have to get the local twist on the limits.


Don’t think it’s been mentioned yet but a good reason I would like a max altitude greater than 120m is when hill walking.

I’d like to be able to fly up to a peak 400 -500m above.

Would never be more than 100m AGL due to the incline.

I’m hoping an older firmware could help me with this.

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Pretty much my reason for “pushing the limits” for old Italian hilltop villages.

ft became m … kind of.

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All this is about to change later this year…

This is being widely circulated but I can’t find the original source of it, so cannot confirm authenticity as yet:

Longer term plans: