MEET - New Years Day 2022 - Willington Power Station Towers

I’m proposing a meet on NYD to clear the Christmas hang-overs and get some fresh air in our lungs, All subject to the bloody weather being kind :crossed_fingers:

Five possible locations, please vote for your preferred choice

Choice One
Willington Power Station Towers.
East of Derby
Been flown many times by GADC members, indeeed before this Covid thing we had a meet there on NYD 2020, if I recall the largest attendance to date.
Suits FPV and camera drones

Choice Two
Matlock Bando
In Derbyshire, or thereabouts
Again, well known to some GADC flyers

Choice Three
Ipswich Bando
This site is new to us, may be a bit of a gamble but hey it would be good to have somewhere new
Suits FPV and camera drones

Choice Four
Bennerley Viaduct
South of Nottingham
well known to some GADC flyers
Suits FPV and camera drones

Choice Five
Hawksbury old golf course
North of Coventry
This site has been reduced by house building but still plenty of flying space
Suits FPV and camera drones

You can paste these locations into Google Maps…

52.856283, -1.539685

53.142704, -1.577123

52.087697, 1.102355

52.990379, -1.298087

52.464245, -1.470257

  • Willington Power Station Towers.
  • Matlock Bando
  • Ipswich Bando
  • Bennerley Viaduct
  • Hawksbury Old Golf Course

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Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve voted, but I’m a “maybe” as I might use this date for some more nearly-deserted city centre opportunities :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I was at the power station the other day and noticed someone has cut the old phone line that runs along the fence line.

They have only done the one opposite the first cooling tower so please bare this in mind when diving the tower.

Or you could end up ploughing into the field at the back of you like I did on the last video I posted… :man_facepalming:

Is the Coventry dog stadium not an option?

I can manage a couple of hours at the viaduct, towers or Matlock.

New toys to play with and a huge lack of flying so defo wanna get out.

However would be 2/3 hours tops for me

Speedway :wink:

That would be epic Jez :grin:

Hi Steve,
We, @notveryprettyboy and I, are concerned the close proximity to houses, with somewhat ‘posh’ owners, might cause problems if 10/12 flyers turned up on the same day.

We think it’s more suited for quieter weekends with small numbers.

Sorry :frowning_face:


Thats a shame Steve but probably a good thinking :+1:t2:

Looking like it might be dry but might be scuppered by high winds. Still plenty of time for it to change.

Hopefully me new ELRS Module and Crux3 will arrive in time to bring along.

Do we think its going to be the cooling towers on new years day ??

If so what time you thinking of ???

I’ll close the vote tonight and post up details
(But yes it’s looking like it’s the towers :grinning:)

GET YOUR VOTES IN !! :grinning::grinning:

Ok thanks, very windy at the mo here :dash:

That’ll be all the Christmas sprouts


You are not alone.


And the Guinness :beer:

Hi Guys, and gal if any.

Vote result is pretty well split between Willington and Bennerley, with Willington having the edge.
Weather conditions for both sites are similiar, dry, cloudy but very windy.

I suggest meet time 11:00am at Willington towers to allow travelling time for those coming a distance, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘local lads’ get there for 10:00 :smiley:

Please reply back if you are deffo planning to be there. Thank You :slightly_smiling_face: