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I set up an account and put a few on there :+1:t2:







Is Flickr free?

Who was the one that upset about a million users by going subscription-only? Was that photo bucket?

If only Vimeo hosted photos - my life would be complete :blush:


Yes Flickr is free unless you want a pro account, at least it is for now, they have been taken over but no mention of any charges yet.

Yes, photobucket are the ones for upsetting quite a few people, let’s hope Flickr doesn’t go the same way.


My Flickr account


Here’s mine…no drone stuff yet, but a few taken from the air


Following you both.
Here’s mine again, Flickr


…and same to you MM, though it took me an hour to find the password to Log in to Flickr… it’s been that long since I used it, but thanks as it reminded me I have a place to put stuff online


I had same problem
Added everyone


Main Flickr account
Specific droney stuff




Welcome to Grey Arrows @knewt - glad you could join us mate :+1:t2:

If you get a moment please do drop by the #introductions category and say hi to everyone, you’ve an interesting profile already and we’ve a few RC fixed wing aircraft flyers here too :smile:


Is the Welsh Open off the Bwlch?
That one glider comes pretty close a few times :open_mouth: :+1:


Yes and yes, good spot. That was with the Spark… cannon fodder :slight_smile:
Love your Flickr site by the way.


Hi all, adding my Flick account:
I have an album called aerial views for all the drone stuff.
Will have a look at everyone elses links a bit later.


Hi all. Here’s mine




Added too