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As the title, here’s mine, My photos on Flickr
Feel free to share yours.


Love your photos.

I might sign up. Be nice to have somewhere to keep all photos together.


Thank you, I think they are going to be making changes soon, I don’t know what they will be, I just hope they don’t go the same way Photobucket went.


Hi Rich
Ok here is my Flickr account
Regards Jeff


Hi Jeff, following :+1:


Following right back at you
Not put any drone photos on my area yet notice that you’ve been busy with your drone though :blush:


Not taken my DSLR out for a while now, I have too much gear to carry and sometimes take 3+ drones out.


I got the Sony a6500 which doesn’t take up as much room so can managed two items and don’t look like sherpa tenzing


Set one up and following you both.

How do I change the seagull profile banner?


I can’t see a way of doing it via the iPad, I must have changed mine via the pc, you’ll probably have found out how by the time I go back on there.


I’ll try PC after work tonight. Cheers


On the PC, If you click on “YOU” at the top left your cover photo will show, when you hold the mouse over the photo a pencil will display in the top right of the photo, HTH


Followed, I don’t use Flickr as much as I used. Maybe I should.


I’ve started using it more again over the last year or so.


yes I find it great to store photos etc
find me at

also great vids on others flying etc


Here’s mine but I lease it’s a while since I have used since I moved to Instagram and need to do a bit of work on it


I use to store, then download to phone and then post, so I can see how it looks on phone before posting


Ok if we hijack this as the official GADC Flickr thread, @MementoMori?


Fine by me.
I was going to ask if we could have a subject each month to either video or photograph as a bit of fun.
The treasure hunt got me out of the house more than I ever have, even though I’ve done quite a few more miles than I’d hoped to have :laughing:


Same … although the additional 500 miles I managed to crank up wasn’t really in my budget. :open_mouth: